At Apple Lash studio, our Certified Lash Stylist are trained to apply eyelash extentions in a clinical setting using approved techniques and materials, we have honored to create wonderful looks for many Houston's most beautiful women. We have gone above and beyond in ensuring sterilization and cleanliness is designed into all of our services, techniques and our staff practices. We promise to give you value in all our services.
      Eyelashes Extentions and Maintenance should be performed efficiently and presented beautifully _ easily when combined with our services. That's our mission statement, we promise to take care all your eyelashes need with our knowledge and our expertise, while making sure you're taking care of efficiently and safely!.
Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

Apple Lash Studio Eyelash Extensions are Semi-permanent will turn your lashes into lush, beautiful with natural look, feel and wear. With naturally curve, longer and thicker lashes there is no need to use eyelash curler nor mascara neither eyeliner through the application of a lash directly onto your natural lash - one at a time. They are weightless, comfortable, long lasting and water -proof and last indefinitely with re-lashes every 2 to 4 weeks. The Procedure is relaxing and painless that only takes about 2 hours and Re-Iashestakes about 1 hour. Every day when you wake up to naturally lush lashes with little or not need to adjust of your lifestyle.
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Minimum charge is $10.00
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$79 for Full Set of Eyelash
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